5 Reasons to Use a Mercedes Benz Sprinter Limousine for Your Party Transport Needs

Mercedes Sprinter

Are you looking for a more intimate, personalized night on the town experience with your close friends?

Irideyourway Luxury Chauffeur Car Service has the perfect luxury vehicle for that special evening. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter Limousine

The Mercedes Limousine Sprinter comes custom-built with benefits and an ambience that no traditional party bus can match.

Below are 5 reasons why you and your friends should consider choosing a Mercedes Sprinter from Irideyourway Luxury Chauffeur Car Service if you’re in need of an elevated experience when it comes to your night on the town excursion.

1.) You Can Take 7-14 Passengers

Just because you want a more intimate experience doesn’t mean you’re flying solo. You can fit over a dozen of your friends – 14 to be exact. There’s plenty of luxurious plush seating.

2.) Leather Wrap-Around Seating

You read rthat ight — Mercedes Limousine Sprinters come equipped with plush leather wrap-around seating, so you and your friends can sit, visit, and get the party started safely and in style. There’s ambient lighting and an adult beverage bar for your enjoyment.

3.) Amazing Sound System

Irideyourway Luxury Chauffeur Car Service Mercedes Limousine Sprinters come fully loaded. That means surround sound, LED TV, USB-equipped, touchscreen control panel, and plenty of places to charge your smartphones.

4.) Climate Control

Our entire fleet of luxury transportation vehicles feature climate control settings that put the temperature in your hands for pure comfort.

5.) You Can See Them; They Can’t See You

Irideyourway Luxury Chauffeur Car Service Mercedes Limousine Sprinters have tinted windows so nobody can see what’s going on inside. It’s your private party. You and your up to 14 passengers always enjoy complete, unadulterated privacy with Irideyourway Luxury Chauffeur Car Service.

Book your Mercedes Limousine Sprinter today and assemble your crew. Contact irideyourway Luxury Chauffeur Car Service today and let’s make an amazing night happen. To reserve 24/7/365, call (310) 893-3307