A Night Out on the Town

With the peak visiting season over for Las Vegas, more and more attractions and destinations in Las Vegas will start to offer discounts and lower rates. This is especially desirable for locals who are looking to still have a good time in the city that never sleeps. Since now is the off-season for limousine drivers, if you have been thinking about renting a limo for a special night out, here are some tips.

A night out in town in las vegas

A Limo Ride Makes a Great Holiday Gift

Giving your loved one a massage is a great gift. While they are getting ready to leave and looking for their keys, a knock at the door. Outside is a limo waiting to take them to their spa day. She would definitely be talking about that special surprise for a long time to come.

Renting a limousine for a special occasion that you create, makes a seemingly simple gift instantly more extravagant. Some of the most appreciative riders that we see are those who were surprised to see a limo pull up to pick them up – or they learned they were riding a limo just hours or minutes before.

Take a Ride on a Weekday

Weekends for limo drivers are like our weekdays. Most limo companies are slower on Monday and Tuesday, unless people are flying into town for a concert or special event. Convention clients are usually coming into town on Tuesday nights or Wednesdays. Most companies offer discounts on prices for weekdays.

The next time you have a mid-week date night, surprise her by picking her up in a limo for dinner. It won’t cost a lot to you but will make a huge impression on your date.

Travel with Five of Your Closest Friends

Most services charge by the car, not by the person. And since limousine companies rent out town cars, limos and party buses all alike, why not invite your friends to join you. You are likely to get the most for your money by filling up the car.

Besides, what fun is experiencing the joy of riding in a limo if you can’t share your happiness with your friends. Give everyone a night of stardom!

Just Remember.. The Price May Not be the Price

When you book a flight, you are charged extra fees and charges. This goes the same when you rent a hotel and are hit with resort fees.

When you call to reserve your limo, you will be asked where you want to go. This is because unless you are booking a tour package, the limousine company needs to know where you are going so that they can calculate the fuel charges. Limo services will estimate the miles and roll the fuel fee into its price quote.

Also, if there happen to be tolls or parking fees, you can expect to pay for these in addition to the rental. Then there is the gratuity for the driver, which is usually included in your quote. Make sure that you clearly ask your limousine company if the price includes everything. Reputable companies will be clear about their fees and explain all charges to you before you are charged.

Lastly, Look for Signs of Trouble

All limousines companies are required to hold the state required insurance as well as each driver has to have proper licensing and training. Here are some things to watch out for the next time you rent a limo in Las Vegas:

  • Avoid limo companies that require more than a 50% deposit for your rental. USA Limo Guide says “Generally, a deposit of 20-50 percent of the total rental fee is required by credit or debit card.”
  • Be weary of limo companies that don’t allow you to check out the vehicle before making a deposit. A reputable company will be glad to have you come and inspect its fleet.