How To Deal with Flight Fright

Flight Anxiety Flight Fright and Panick Attacks

Do you have a fear of flying? Or are you claustrophobic, which makes aircrafts feel confining? Do you have an innate fear of being victim to a panic attack on flight? Well, no matter what kind of phobia you have when it comes to airplanes, there is nothing to be ashamed of. You will also be happy to know that any phobia can be beaten, and we have come up with some healthy measures you can take to make your flight experiences more pleasant.

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Learn to Discern between Fear and Danger

They say you are more likely to be struck by lightning than experiencing eminent danger on an aircraft and the odds of being struck by lightning are one in a million. So, remind yourself of this and calm yourself down. We understand that it can be difficult to separate anxiety from real danger because the human mind tends to react exactly the same way in both cases, but you have to make a conscious decision to rule out your fear as mere anxiety. Remind yourself that your frightening thoughts are just a construct of your imagination and that they are no more likely materialize than you are to be struck by lightning back at home. You are safe even when your mind is insisting on feeling anxious.


Distract Yourself

The best way past an uncomfortable experience is to have something to do that completely occupies your mind. Do not rely on the in-flight options; come prepared with your own distractions. Download a TV Series that really intrigues you, carry that engaging book you have recently started reading, upload several podcasts on your smartphone, etc. Bring whatever is necessary to keep yourself occupied for the duration of your flight.


Attend a Flying Clinic/Online Program

A lot of people have a phobia associated with air travel and, as such, there are numerous clinics and online programs that specialize in helping affected parties manage and even get over their fears. These programs incorporate the input of professional psychologists, pilots, and airline volunteers in order to give you firsthand information and convince you of the irrationality of each phobia. Attend a similar course in your area, or sign up for one online course, and slowly watch your phobia fade away.

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