Rideshare Approved in Nevada

Recently a bill passed in the Nevada Legislature that will allow Uber and Lyft to operate in Nevada. As an owner of a limousine company here in Las Vegas, I am outraged by this result. There is a lot of confusion of what will be allowed and won’t be allowed if Uber and Lyft do start operating again in Las Vegas.

Rideshare Approved in Nevada

Don’t Trust Just Anyone To Provide You Transportation

With the new bill passing, Uber and Lyft will be able to start employing more drivers in the Las Vegas valley to be able to provide transportation. In April of this year, in Denver, an Uber driver was arrested for burglary after giving a customer a ride to the airport and then going back to the pick up location and breaking into the customer’s home. How did this happen you may ask. According to an Uber spokeswoman the driver “had no criminal record prior to the incident” and therefore he passed an Uber background check.

Protect your home and valuables by hiring a trusted company like Irideyourway Luxury Chauffeur Car Service to provide transportation and don’t just give your address and personal information to anyone.

Our Insurance will Cover You

Another stipulation to the impending bill is that any driver that is providing transportation services must have continuous insurance of at least $1.5 million for death and bodily injury. That is a lot of money to have on a normal insurance policy and looks to be one of the issues with trusting an Uber or Lyft driver.

At Irideyourway Luxury Chauffeur Car Service all of our drivers are insured and all of our vehicles are insured so you don’t have to worry and can have peace of mind knowing that in the case that something happens, you will be covered by insurance and not have to worry about if your Uber or Lyft driver is following all of the requirements. Uber and Lyft contend that they shouldn’t have to be overseen by the Nevada Transportation Agency and the Nevada Taxicab Authority. This could be disastrous for you and anyone you are riding with should something happen.

Choose Safe and Trusted Transportation with Irideyourway Luxury Chauffeur Car Service

At Irideyourway Luxury Chauffeur Car Service we have a reputation for being safe and providing the best customer service to our clients. Don’t be fooled by the false security that Uber and Lyft are trying to say that they can provide. All of our drivers are employees of our company that undergo extensive background checks and we have the highest insurance policies so you know that when you get into our vehicles, you are safe and in good hands.

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