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Anyone who travels often knows a few things that might help those who don’t travel as often get through their next trip with ease. We’ve learned a thing or two from the many frequent travelers we work with each day, and we never fail to realize we have much more to learn. Our Orange County car service chauffeurs know everything there is to know about the transportation industry, but it’s our clients who teach us how to get around on vacation and business trips without stressing about every little thing. We’ve taken their best tips and rounded them up just for you, to help ease your travel the next time you’re planning a trip.

Drink Up

As much as we know you want us to tell you to start with mimosas at breakfast and go all day, we’re talking about drinking more water. The best way to prep your body for any flight is to start drinking plenty of water for a few days prior to departure. Any dehydration makes you swell up on a flight, it gives you a headache, it causes you to feel exhausted, and it doesn’t help with jet lag. Drinking up the day before you depart and all throughout the day you’re flying will help you fight off feelings of jet lag and other negative side effects of dehydration. Did we mention it also helps your skin look spectacular?

Wash Laundry In the Sink

Ask travelers their biggest concern on any trip, and they’ll tell you it’s packing. They’re worried they might spill something on the clothes they’ve packed to wear more than once, and now they’re down a top or bottom. The secret to packing light and removing this stress from your life is to pack a small sample of laundry detergent. It’s not fun, but you can wash your laundry by hand in the sink at a hotel. Fresh, clean clothes are yours the entire time you’re gone.

Put Makeup On After You Depart

If you’re a woman who loves to wear makeup, don’t waste time putting it on before you leave. The change in the air causes your makeup to sweat off and begin to look a little less than perfect. Give your face time to breathe and take your products in your own rolling makeup case. Now you look fresh and refreshed, and your makeup wasn’t melting off the entire time you were onboard.

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