• Additional charges will be itemized on the customer’s billing statement when applicable (e.g. tolls, parking, airport and regulatory fees, fuel charge, cell phone, recommended tip, administrative fee, requested items, tax/VAT, etc.).
  • All published rates are subject to change without notice.
  • All rates are calculated in the local currency and billed in U.S. dollars at the prevailing exchange rate.
  • Due to fluctuating currency exchange rates, U.S. dollar equivalents of international rates may vary.
  • Irideyourway has standardized transfer rates that provide flat rate pricing for travel to and from most major cities and airports.
  • Waiting time is defined as the length of time that elapses between a scheduled pickup and a passenger getting into the reserved vehicle. After a ten (10) minute grace period on all flat-rate trips that do not begin at an airport, there is a $25 charge for every fifteen (15) minutes a chauffeur is waiting.
  • For rides that begin at an airport, there is a $7.00 charge for every five (5) minutes of waiting time after a thirty (30) minute grace period for domestic arrivals and forty-five (45) minute grace period for international arrivals.
  • Passenger-requested stops on route during a flat-rate trip will be charged at $25.00 for Sedans, $40.00 + wait time for all other vehicles .
  • Passenger-requested stops off route during a flat-rate trip will be charged the prevailing hourly rate.
  • Client is responsible to pay for any extra time going past their reserved time. For example if you booked 5 hours and are past 12 minutes into the reservation that extra 12 minutes would then be counted as 6 hours total. You will automatically be billed with the credit card you provided on file for a full hour at the quoted hourly rate. 
  • When receiving a confirmation via email for your reservation. Client acknowledges she/he is entering a binding agreement with Irideyourway and is liable for paying the full balance stated on the invoice even if service is not to be used. If you have a credit card on file you will be billed automatically in attempt to collect any unpaid dues. If the bill isn't fully paid we reserve the right to refuse service until the remaining balance owed is paid. 


  • Rates for travel between locations in which a point-to-point rate does not exist will be billed at the prevailing Irideyourway hourly rate.
  • Customers are billed from the time the vehicle leaves the Irideyourway facility until the time it returns to the Irideyourway facility, with an hourly minimum based on vehicle type.
  • Time-based charges are billed in 15-minute increments.


- Due to the nature of our business renting out vehicles through private partners with lower rates than public market value and hiring independent contractors for your specific fare. Once an invoice is paid and your vehicle is booked we are unable to accept cancellations and will not be issuing refunds under any circumstances, all sales are final. We reserve the right to keep 100% of the invoiced fare. 

- For flat-rate transfers, a no-show charge equal to the total cost of the trip, plus any applicable waiting time fee, will be charged when the passenger(s) fails to arrive at the designated location, or fails to call Irideyourway if having difficulty finding their chauffeur. To avoid a no-show fee, call 310-893-3307 if you cannot locate your vehicle or chauffeur.

- For time-based reservations, a no-show charge equal to the charge equal to the total cost of the trip, or the vehicle minimum price of the trip, whichever is greater, will be charged when the passenger(s) fails to arrive at the designated location, or fails to call Irideyourway if having difficulty finding their chauffeur. To avoid a no-show fee, call 310-893-3307 if you cannot locate your vehicle or chauffeur.

The above cancellation terms represent standard policy at Irideyourway and may be modified from time to time based on market, desired reservation dates, and vehicle availability. All modifications that are mutually agreed upon in writing, or communicated and confirmed at the time of reservation, either verbally or in writing, will supersede the above.


  • Irideyourway includes a "company tip" in you total quoted fare that is a part of our hourly driver's wages however it is less than a standard tip. It is recommended to provide your driver with a standard tip of 20% in Los Angeles, 15% in all other domestic markets. The payment of this recommended tip is subject to the passenger’s full discretion and may be increased, decreased, or eliminated entirely. Any tip received will be remitted in full to the chauffeur.


  • Quotes will be provided upon request. All quotes provided are to be considered as estimates only, and actual charges will be determined upon the completion of the service.
  • In no event will Irideyourway or its affiliate partners, be liable or responsible for damages of any kind caused by any delay in performance or failure to perform, caused by circumstances beyond its control, including but not limited to, weather, natural disaster, traffic, act of God, act of war or terrorism, act of any public authority or sovereign government, or any other circumstances beyond the reasonable control.
  • Irideyourway and its affiliate partners assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged baggage, personal belongings or any items left in the vehicle.
  • Irideyourway does provide child safety seats, for a $25.00 fee. Parents and guardians of children traveling in Irideyourway vehicles are responsible for installing child safety seats provided, in accordance with state and federal laws.   
  • The following items are prohibited from Irideyourway vehicles: alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, glass containers, smoking, firearms, weapons of any kind, explosives, and fireworks.
  • Client is responsible for any damages incurred to our vehicle. Soda, coffee, drink stains, throw up, smoking (vape, cigar or cigarettes), scratches, footmarks, leather tears etc. $250.00 min fee (may go up to 10K USD on luxury vehicles).

Please read carefully all of our terms & conditions prior booking with us. By booking with Irideyourway you agree & accept to abide by these terms and Conditions. Note that we reserve the right to modify/and add to these terms and conditions accordingly at any time. 

For mailing & letters please send all correspondence ATTN: IRideYourWay HQ - 1515 Palisades Dr. Suite #T Pacific Palisades, CA 90272